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frontpicAnodic, Inc. has been supplying anodic coatings on aluminum for aerospace applications since 1955. Aluminum finishing (Anodizing, Hardcoating & Chem-Filming) of all aluminum alloys was pioneered by Anodic, Inc.


Anodic, Inc. remains on the cutting edge of corrosion resistant, non-conductive and high di-electric strength anodic coatings meeting all industrial and military specifications.

Anodic’s 45 years of masking (selectively hardcoating areas) experience is unparalleled. Hardcoat anodized surfaces are produced by the dissolution of aluminum, forming (AL3O3H2O) aluminum oxide. This electro-chemical process produces an integral coating just under the hardness of diamond.

Anodic coating of up to .015 thickness (on selected alloys) can be sealed , dyed most colors, dry film lubed or Teflon impregnated. Anodize is a great base for paint, powder coatings and adhesives. Anodic, Inc. is approved by over 300 manufacturers, NASA, the FDA, all major aircraft manufacturers, and is NADCAP listed. Each of the 14 very large computer controlled hardcoat tanks have different solution makeups, targeting specific alloys for the optimum in anodic coatings.


Anodic offers a free wall chart outlining all hardcoat and anodizing parameters. Call, Fax, Write or E-Mail us and we will send you this FREE Anodic Hardcoat Wall Chart.


Anodic’s no-charge design and application information is only a phone call away, and 24 hour (premium time) turnaround can help you meet your stringent delivery requirements.